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Supercooling Innovator EverCase™ Supports International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

SEPTEMBER 25, 2023
Food Loss and Waste Day is an annual observance declared and recognized by the United Nations


Supercooling Technology Innovator EverCase™ Adds Matt Michieli to Management Team

SEPTEMBER 13, 2023
Former Apple and Motorola leader brings decades of product development, manufacturing, and engineering experience to company


New tech to slash food wastage

MARCH 1, 2023
With growing pressure on food supply and security as populations increase, a breakthrough that stops perishables from forming icicles when supercooled could have a massive impact on global food wastage as PAUL LEVINS explains.


PARC Spinout EverCase Uses Electric & Magnetic Fields to Store Food in Freezers Without Ice Crystals

JUNE 27, 2022
If you’ve ever put meat or fish into a freezer, you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t look nearly as fresh once...


Supple steaks and tasty veggies: Xerox PARC spinout keeps food fresh at freezing temperatures

JULY 2, 2022
A new startup aims to change how food is preserved and stored, using tech that keeps meat, fish and...


Grouper farmer Aqquua partners with cold-chain solution company EverCase

JANURY 13, 2023
Aqquua, an international producer of farmed grouper, has announced a new partnership with EverCase...

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Xerox’s PARC Spins Out New Company Focused on Addressing Cold Supply Chain and Food Storage

JUN 15, 2022
Venture is based on electric and magnetic technology developed at the University of...

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